Water Footprint Network

등록일: 2016-11-28 작성자: WATERPORTAL

The Water Footprint Network was founded in 2008 to solve the world’s water crises by advancing fair and smart water use. We are a dynamic, global network that drives innovation and inspires the changes we must all make to share fresh water fairly amongst all people to sustain thriving communities and nature’s diversity.

Recognising the value of the water footprint, international leaders came together to establish a network of organisations committed to using science-based, practical solutions and strategic insights to transform the way we use and manage our water resources.

Our Strategic Plan will guide and shape our work until 2020. It sets out our aims, principles, plans and priorities and describes the unique contribution that we will make in addressing today's water challenges by providing science-based, practical solutions and strategic insights to companies, governments and citizens.

Over 200 partners from large companies to small-scale suppliers, financial institutions and regulatory bodies, non-profit organisations and academia have chosen to join our network. Together, our continuous learning community shares the latest advances in knowledge, information and ideas to escalate change in river basins worldwide.

Our international staff are dedicated to transforming awareness of the water footprint into concrete action towards sustainability. They bring a broad range of expertise to advance knowledge in and application of Water Footprint Assessment and work with others to apply it.

To share the latest advances, exchange learning and to keep abreast of emerging issues and developments, our team and partners actively engage in multi-stakeholder initiatives and contribute to key, influential international and regional events.